Welcome our newest addition!!

Hello Kings and Queens,

I wanted to share with you all a life update. August 16, 2021 At 2:27pm We welcomed our Ivorian American Princess Vanessa Jade Miyala Metan.
We are so blessed!! This pregnancy journey was such a peaceful experience. The entire delivery process, with the help of my doula went just the way I had prayed for minus having to be induced because of how comfortable babygirl had gotten in mommy’s womb. A peaceful experience located within the birth-care suites, with dim lighting, lavender scents and Steffany Gretzinger playing softly in the background this was exactly what we had planned for. No complications and baby came out perfectly healthy. I am so grateful to God, this was a dream that he had given me in Aug. of 2020 last year! We are truly grateful to the friends and family who showered us with gifts for our babygirl as we have had all of her needs met and more because of your generosity!! We love you!! I can’t wait to share updated pictures of Vanessa in her Ankara or Kente printed clothing and to share with her the ins and outs of this awesome business I love so very much!! Who knows maybe she will be the face of our new baby collection👀👀👀‼️😁 

Vanessa MetanLove to all,

Tiara Metan, CEO 


  • We welcome Nessa into this life with high hopes for her to make her impact on this world with Christ leading her!
    Grandpa loves you unconditionally!

  • We welcome to the world my beautiful niece Vanessa Jade Miyala Metan! She has been such a blessing to our entire family, she was the missing piece to our family’s puzzle. WE HAVE A GIRL LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!!!! Born into Royalty.


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