We made it down south!!!

Ohemaa's Market was able to mark off the state of ALABAMA this morning and let me share with you why this matters so much to me. We specifically shipped to Montgomery, Alabama.

The Montgomery Bus Boycott which was a civil rights protest in which African Americans refused to ride city buses to protest segregated seating after Rosa Parks has been arrested and fined for not giving her seat to a white man, was in that city and state.

The city and state where Dr. Martin Luther King led thousands of nonviolent demonstrators to the capital from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama and had one of his monumental speeches on the capital steps “How Long, Not Long”

Because of the blood shed of our people and peaceful protests in Montgomery, Alabama we now have the voting rights act and civil rights act!

This is a win for me! I think Dr. King would be happy to know that a black girl raised in Kansas is able to ship african accessories and skincare all over the world to every race because of him and those who fought for us to have change.

Happy Black History Month !!!!!!!! 🗣️🎤

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