Urban Business Expo!

Check out our table full of vibrant colors and authentic accessories!This past Saturday we were able to be apart of the Urban Business Expo here in our city which was put on by Create Campaign. The Create Campaign is a nonprofit organization that communicates and connects African-American entrepreneurs with existing services and educational opportunities based on where they are in their business development process to help start, sustain and grow businesses. We were able to pitch to the community about our business along with other entrepreneurs. I did this for me! One of the best things about having an online business is the fact that I don’t have to communicate in person as much and as an introvert that’s the best thing ever right?! But this required me to put my fear aside and trust that God was going to allow me to be bold, and speak with confidence about a business that I love so much. And I did just that!! I was so happy that I took that leap of faith. I managed to network, make profitable sales, get educated on how to manage my business and meet the women and men who are buying from me in person! I loved it. I learned so much and I would definitely do it all over again. Success is on the other side of fear and growth is uncomfortable but necessary!! I give the glory to God and I can’t wait to see what’s next for Ohemaa’s Market✨

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  • Just dropping by to tell you again how proud of you I am! They say if your Vision doesn’t scare you than you’re not thinking big enough. I believe that if our Vision is God given then there’s no way it could be small and not scary. All that to say, this is the beginning of something BIGGER than you can imagine today. Keep going!

    Fabrice Metan

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