I traveled to Abidjan🇨🇮

“Jesus you love me too much ooo” 

All of my dreams are becoming reality and I owe all of the glory and honor to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

My husband who was born and raised in Côte d’Ivoire🇨🇮 a country in West Africa, was able to fly our family back home for a trip of a life time. With such warm welcomes from his family, I openly embraced this place I now call home. From Abidjan, to Assine, to Yamoussoukro we discovered our roots and I found what unites us as a people instead of believing what has been portrayed by many. My entire goal was to shed light on what is the most beautiful place on earth.  #BlackGirlLuxury is a vibe even in Abidjan!! While there, my dreams of one day shopping in the local markets in Africa became true. I was able to handpick my very on African accessories for this website!! My sister in law made the comment to my husband that she was shocked at how comfortable I was in the markets! I felt right at home and I had waited for this moment for a very long time. The smell, the faces, the sounds of people wanting your attention to come and see what they have to offer is unforgettable. I loved it. Our family also traveled to a village where we watched as they weaved and handmade the fabrics (sold as head wraps or wraps)! When you see and understand how these fabrics are made you appreciate and really value these delicate pieces. Every Fabric tells a story. Every design and symbol is strategically placed and well crafted by the men and women in these villages. I have studied the differences in African Fabrics and textiles but to see this up close was a gift for me. I hope every African American will get to experience One of the 54 countries in this beautiful Continent. There is beauty all around us if you open your eyes to see it clearly. 

It’s my birthday today and Ohemaa’s Market Second Year Anniversary!!🎉🥳 My birthday wish is that you’ll add to your cart one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself or another by checking out all of our brand new products that we brought back from our trip and share this website with a friend. Thank you all for shopping with us and being apart of this Market family. I truly value every single one of you and I hope you see that when you receive any package from my company. Cheers to another profitable year in business and prosperity!! 

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  • How incredible!! West Africa is definitely the most beautiful and internally peaceful place I’ve ever been to <3 Happy birthday AND 2nd anniversary, queen .! —Shainah


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