How to tie headwraps!

Tying a headwrap is a stylish and practical way to accessorize your outfit while also protecting your hair. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to tie a headwrap:

  1. Choose your headwrap: There are various types of headwraps available in different prints, patterns, and colors. Select one that complements your outfit and suits your personal style from our collection. 

  2. Prep your hair: Brush or comb your hair to ensure it's free of tangles and knots. You can also tie your hair up in a bun or ponytail if you prefer. If you have braids or locs, head wraps are a beautiful added accessory.

  3. Fold the headwrap: Fold the headwrap in half diagonally to create a triangle.

  4. Place the headwrap on your head: Hold the headwrap by the two ends of the folded edge. Place the center of the folded edge at the nape of your neck, with the two ends hanging over your shoulders.

  5. Cross the ends over: Take the two ends of the headwrap and cross them over each other at the center of your forehead. Ensure that the headwrap is snug but not too tight.

  6. Bring the ends back to the nape of your neck: Take the two ends of the headwrap and bring them back to the nape of your neck. Tie them in a knot.

  7. Tuck in the ends: Tuck in the loose ends of the headwrap to create a neat and polished look.

  8. Adjust as needed: Adjust the headwrap to ensure that it's comfortable and sits securely on your head.

And there you have it! With these simple steps, you can tie a headwrap in no time. Experiment with different colors and patterns to create a unique look that's all your own. Be Bold, Be Authentic, Be Beautiful !

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