Allons-y Au Marché…. “Let’s go to the market”

Here at Ohemaa’s Market we believe in customer satisfaction. We want our customers to know that not only do we value every second that you spend time shopping in our market but we also pride ourselves on trading the best products for your business. That brings us to one word. Authenticity. All of our collections are from West Africa. Specifically Ivory Coast and Ghana. 
My Mother in law who resides In Abidjan, Ivory Coast sent me Ankara hand fans from back home in 2019 and in the middle of the cold December I sold out of them!! That’s how I knew that there was truly a demand for African accessories and by wanting to fulfill that need Ohemaa’s Market was born. This year we got to take another trip and stock up on inventory. Fans, head wraps, Shea butter and more was brought back and what you see on our website was handpicked by the best Mother in law a girl could ever ask from two of Abidjan’s markets.  Marché de Treichville, and Marché de Cocody ! What makes our market different from any of our competitors are the long term partnerships we are creating with our market members who trust and feel that what they are receiving is authentic and quality products straight from the motherland! ! So enjoy the texture of our fabrics, let the Shea butter nourish your skin, and may your waist be snatched by our waistbeads! As always thank you for shopping with us!! 

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